Despite all the new car tech, cars are breaking down more now than ever before. 

That means you should be prepared for the possibility of getting stuck on the road and calling emergency towing services. After all, you might be sitting by the side of the road for an hour or more. We’ve put together this guide to help walk you through what you should do after calling a tow truck to come pick you up. 

So let’s get started!

Stay Calm 

First of all, do your best to stay calm. 

This can be difficult, especially if you’re by yourself and in an unfamiliar area. But panicking won’t help anything. Take a few deep breaths and call emergency towing services. 

If you’re worried you might not remember what to do during a breakdown, write down a few bullet points (such as the tips from this list) to help you focus. 

Get Your Vehicle off the Road

If your car died in the middle of the road, do your best to get it out of the flow of traffic. You can put the gear in neutral and push it to the side of the road even if it can’t drive. 

But remember, safety should be your first priority. You should never try to move your vehicle if it will put you in danger. 

Alert Other Drivers 

This is especially important if you aren’t able to move your car off the road. 

Turn on your hazard lights to alert approaching drivers of your vehicle. You should also place cones around your car or set off flares for extra visibility.  

Even if you get your car out of the flow of traffic, you should still do this. Other drivers might not be able to see you, and you don’t want to cause any accidents. This is even more important if it is dark outside. 

Gather Important Documents and Items 

When the tow truck arrives, it will hook up your car and drive it to a different location, such as an auto-body shop. Depending on where they take your car, other people might have access to it (to make repairs, etc.). Because of this, you shouldn’t leave any important documents or items in your car. 

Make sure you take the time to gather up things like insurance cards, registration, your wallet/purse, your phone, chargers, computers, or anything else you have in the car. 

Otherwise, you might not get these items back until you see your car again. You also run the risk of those items being damaged during the trip to the auto-body shop. 

Call Your Insurance Company 

Many insurance companies will pay for the cost of emergency towing services. This means you should give them a call as soon as possible. They will be able to let you know how much of the cost they will cover (if they won’t cover the entire expense). 

If you aren’t sure what towing company to use, your insurance company may be able to help with this as well. 

Call them and explain your situation over the phone. They should then be able to recommend towing companies near your location and give you the necessary contact information. 

Take Pictures 

It’s a good idea to take some pictures of your car before the tow truck arrives. Make sure you get at least one picture of the front, the back, and both sides. 

This will give you a record of your car’s condition before handing it off to the tow company. If something happens during the drive to the auto-body shop, you’ll be able to prove the damage didn’t happen during your break down.  

Hopefully, you won’t have to use the pictures you take. However, they can help protect you when your car is out of your control. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a nice camera. The camera on your phone will do the trick. 

Wait inside Your Car 

Once you have everything ready for the tow truck, it’s time to wait. 

This could take a while depending on where you break down, so make sure you stay in your car. This is especially important if you break down after dark. 

Keep the windows rolled up and your doors locked. Be careful of anyone who approaches you if they aren’t with the towing company. Don’t get out of your car until the tow truck arrives. 

Make Sure You Know Where Your Car Is Going

Before you let the tow truck take your car away, make sure you know where your car is going. Are they taking it to an auto-body shop? Or do they have a private yard?

You can also ask them to take your car to a specific location. For example, you can have them drive your car back to your home if you want to work on it yourself. But you shouldn’t try any DIY fixes if the damage is serious or if you aren’t sure what is wrong with your car. 

Remember, safety should be your first priority. You may miss an important detail if you try to repair the car yourself. 

Who to Call for Emergency Towing Services 

You can’t plan when you need emergency towing services, so it’s a good idea to have a plan in advance. If you aren’t sure you to call for emergency towing services, we can help. 

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