It’s not every day that you need to call a towing company. However, when the time comes, it’s usually just for a quick tow. However, Auto Spa Towing can do so much more for you! Today, let’s go through some of the additional services available. This way you know what you can take advantage of when you are in need.

By offering a plethora of auto-related services, Auto Spa Towing is there for you when you need it. Whether it is an emergency or minor “whoops”, knowing everything Auto Spa Towing offers will give you tools you never thought you had. That being said, let’s dive in. Here are 10 things you can call Auto Spa Towing for.

1. Towing

Obviously, you can call for towing. Even though this is a given, it’s still worth mentioning. For any reason your car, truck, SUV, or whatever else you may be driving needs to be towed, you can count on Auto Spa Towing. Towing services are done in a timely manner and at an affordable rate. For fast, effective, and friendly services, you can rely on Auto Spa Towing.

2. Boosting

Yes, Auto Spa Towing also provides boosting services. Sometimes they leave a light on in our cars overnight, or the winter is just too cold. At some point or another, most of us have experienced a dead battery. Whatever the reason may be, a quick boost can get you up and running again. The sad part is, not all of us know someone with jumper cables. Even if you do, your friends and family aren’t always free when you need them. Auto Spa Towing is ready, and also offers to boost dead batteries. So next time your battery is dead, and nobody is there to help, don’t forget about Auto Spa Towing. We will have you back on the road and on your way in no time! Additionally, Auto Spa Towing can test batteries and connections. Moreover, you can also have a new and even sell you a new one

3. Unlocks

Now, what if you locked your keys in your vehicle? More than likely, you aren’t a master lock picker, nor do you want to smash a window. However, even without AMA, you can rely on Auto Spa Towing to help you out. Once all the preparations have been completed and everything verified, you can have your doors unlocked in no time. Accidents happen, and for an affordable rate, the problem can be solved without any damages to your vehicle.

4. Tire Changing and Air

One of the main problems also seen on roadways is flat or damaged tires. Due to consistent use, wear, and tear, or just an accident, tires can be put out of commission. Now, not everyone has a spare tire, let alone a tire iron and the knowledge of how to properly change one. Companies like Auto Spa Towing specialize in this so you don’t have to! If you are ever stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, Auto Spa Towing can change and replace it for you. Additionally, if it’s simply the air pressure in your tires being low, we can top them up on the spot at the perfect pressures. If you don’t have a spare or more than one tire is flat, Auto Spa Towing can tow you.

5. Fuel Delivery

Ran out of fuel? Not a problem. Just give Auto Spa Towing a call and you will have someone on the way with gas. So don’t worry about scrounging and siphoning someone else’s gas, just sit back and relax. Simply let Auto Spa Towing know how much gas you need and what type of fuel your vehicle takes and you will be up and running before you know it.

6. Winching

Things can get complicated sometimes. People don’t always end up in convenient places after an accident of mishap. You may find yourself stuck in a ditch, or pile of snow. Luckily, Auto Spa Towing offers winching services to pull you out! With experts on the job, you will be hauled out with no damages to your vehicle. So if you ever find yourself in a tight spot, don’t forget to call Auto Spa Towing.

7. C-can Sales, Delivery, and Servicing

You have most likely seen a c-can at some point, you may just not have been familiar with what they are called. C-cans are those big shipping containers you would see on a big freighter boat all stacked up upon one another. Auto Spa Towing can sell you one and deliver it to you for some extra storage space! Additionally, they are rodent-proof and have sealed doors to protect what’s inside.

8. Heavy Towing and Recovery

Even though Auto Spa Towing built itself on light and medium towing, it doesn’t mean they are limited to it. If you operate trucks or heavy equipment and need any of their towing services, you can still call Auto Spa Towing. That way you can still expect the same high-level professionalism.

9. Long Distance Towing

Auto Spa Towing goes the distance! Stretching far and wide across Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, Auto Spa Towing can reach you. Charged per kilometer, there is really no limit. If you find yourself stuck far from home, give Auto Spa Towing a call. If you call in advance, Auto Spa Towing will look for a backhaul to offset your cost and reduce your overall trip cost.

10. Emergency Response

Auto Spa Towing is also a reliable first responder. Along with the police services, RCMP, and medical teams, Auto Spa Towing can respond to emergency situations with speed and professionalism.

There you have it! Ten things you may not have known a towing company, such as Auto Spa Towing, can do for you. Well, towing was an obvious one, so maybe nine. Hopefully, this ends up helping you when the time comes. Just don’t forget, Auto Spa Towing does far more than just towing. This way they can accommodate the needs of anyone in trouble.