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Towing & Recovery

Auto Spa Towing Ltd.

Local & Long Distance 24/7 Service

Towing & Recovery

Auto Spa Towing Ltd.

Local & Long Distance 24/7 Service


Auto Spa Towing Ltd. has your back when you have been in an accident and in need to be removed from the road as quick as possible and safely, we are your solution. Our heavy Duty Recovery service is fully equipped to get the job done right. We are fully equipped to maintain an area that needs our recovery service with Air cushion that will help the cargo lift up-right and how to properly manage an incident where the cargo spills.

Whether it is a winch, recovery, a heavy tow of a big rig, or load transfer on our landoll trailer, we will be there for you in your time of need,  We will safely extricate and tow you to your preferred location or to our secure compound until arrangements can be made.  We provide security cameras to a video monitored,  guard dog patrolled  & fenced compound on 3.7 acres.  Staff will be available during business hours to inspect your unit and allow any  access to it.

Whatever size vehicle or equipment, we got you covered. You can find a peace of mind knowing that Auto Spa towing Ltd. is here to help. Our team is experienced with any shape and size you are needing to get towed, let us relieve the stress off your back.

Auto Spa Towing Ltd.  provides other services such as road assistance, light, medium, heavy duty towing, local and long distance towing, Equipment moves, and delivery. We got you covered when it comes to your vehicle. For more information about our services, check out our services or contact us for inquiries.

Extreme Recoveries

Auto Spa Towing Ltd. Recover service deals with challenges, although we do  have the proper equipment, the skill, experience and recourses to get any extreme recoveries to get whatever size of vehicle, our team of professionals will get you back on the road in no time.

Our team is properly trained on how to handle serious situations. We are able to upright a rolled over trailer unit with our air cushioned recovery unit easily in no time. This process will save time and will prevent damage to the cargo.

The process on how we deal with Recoveries

Here at Auto Spa Towing Ltd., our professional team are experts when it comes to recovery management. We have successfully managed to complete many recovery operations within Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan safely and efficient. Therefore, when an accident occurs we have a team that is there to tow away the vehicle.

When it comes to recoveries, we try to get the job done safely and as quick as possible. When Auto Spa Towing Ltd. is called to get the job done, we get to the location as quick as possible to make sure that the roads are safe for other vehicles on the road. There will most likely be police and firemen on site who are there to help with the situation safely.

Air Cushions

Auto Spa is always updating to the latest equipment. When an incident happens, we use air cushions, which are useful when it comes to up-righting loaded trailers. Therefore, this provides support the walls of the trailer when pushing it back upright to recovery. We do this safely, without causing anymore damage to the cargo which saves money for the client.

Rolled-over Cargo Spill 

Auto Spa Towing is prepared when an accident occurs if cargo spills. Our trucks are fully equipped, and have different sizes of trucks to make sure the job is done properly. The roll-off bins are transported to a safe location in order for a quick clean-up.

Auto Spa Towing Ltd. is here only to keep you and your vehicle safe while on the road. With our professional team with experience, we are here to help and ensure you that your vehicle is safe in our hands. Contact us today for more information.

Unit fleets we work with

Light duty towing, recovery and service is accomplished quickly and efficiently with the remainder of our 28 unit fleet, which supplies contracts to CAA, AAA, AMA, Allstate, ARI, Tesla and many others. Heavy duty towing & recovery fleets we work with include Penske, Volvo, MACK, Kenworth, Ryder, Freightliner, etc. We will work with you and our provider to get to you safely to your next location. Call and let us "earn your business".

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