Something we don’t see enough of out on the roads are survival kits. Survival kits are something that everyone should have in their vehicles. Being prepared for the unexpected can save your life. Things are sometimes out of our control, however, with the right preparation, you can regain control during times.

Today we will cover some of the essential things you should have in your vehicles’ survival kit. Feel free to add anything else you think you may need. Survival kits tend to vary depending on where you live. Therefore, today’s focus will be more of a one-size-fits-all style.

Why You Should Have a Survival Kit.

This is for the benefit of yourself and others. Imagine getting into a car accident far from city limits. You are now stranded until help can arrive. So having some food, blankets, first aid, and other helpful items will ensure your safety while you wait. Additionally, if you drive past an accident where someone needs help, you can offer them the invaluable tools and amenities inside your kit

What Should Your Kit Have?

As stated earlier, this will somewhat vary on where you live. Are you in a place with harsh winters? Then you should have a few blankets. Do you live near a large forest? Maybe bring along a small saw to clear large branches that fall onto the road. However, here are some of the most versatile things you should have no matter where you live.

First Aid Kit

You should always have a first aid kit. Accidents happen, and when it comes to collisions, there can be injuries of course. With a basic first aid experience, you can make use of a kit to save someone’s life before help arrives. Simply stopping the bleeding and disinfecting wounds can make an incredible difference.


Make sure you have a few meals worth of non-perishable goods. For example, some jerky, crackers, and freeze-dried fruits can give you the nutrition you need before you get back to safety. Also, consider purchasing a small cooking set to prepare other things or boil water. Speaking of water, make sure you have a few bottles of that too.


You don’t have to live in wintery areas to find use in blankets. It could be raining, windy, or simply a cool night when you get into an accident. So having blankets will make sure everyone stays warm and protected from the elements.

Duct Tape and Electrical Tape

Duct tape and electrical tape serve nearly an infinite amount of uses. You can make minor repairs to various car problems. You can use it to build impromptu shelters. And so much more! Just get a couple of rolls and thank yourself later.

Window Breaker

Window breakers come in a few different forms, but most of them are built to break side windows with ease. This will help you escape or enter vehicles through their windows. Additionally, these tools usually have seatbelt cutters as well. When there is an accident, it’s unpredictable to say how things will work or be situated, so having these tools gives you some added freedom and accessibility.


A knife is a valuable tool in almost all cases. One of the most useful things to have in the wilderness is a knife. You defend yourself, cut seatbelts, hunt, widdle sticks for kindling, and so much more. Just make sure you have a sturdy fixed blade and make sure it stays sharp. So consider also bringing along a sharpener just in case.

Car Repair Essentials

Most vehicles have a jack to lift a vehicle in order to replace tires. They also usually have tire irons as well to loosen and tighten bolts. Make sure you have these two things and a spare tire to change your own tire if need be. Additionally, you could consider purchasing various tools and materials to make simple repairs and fixes to common mechanical issues. However, this is limited to everyone’s experience. Just consider having things for common problems. If not, simply leave this to a mechanic rather than making anything worse possibly.

Toilet Paper

Well, this one is fairly obvious. If nature calls, you will thank yourself for being prepared with this. Also, consider storing a bucket in your vehicle as well if you don’t want to do your business far from the vehicle.

Cat Litter

This may seem strange but cat litter is amazing for absorbing various spills such as oil. Additionally, you can sprinkle cat litter around your tires for traction if it is icy outside.

Heavy Duty Wipes

Same as cat litter, this will be helpful for cleaning spills. Not only that, this could be used as sanitary wipes for when nature calls. And additionally to mend wounds if you don’t have a first aid kit. Heavy-duty wipes are just always handy to have, kind of like duct tape.


One or two tarps will be helpful for a few things. You may need a tarp to lay under your vehicle if you need to check underneath it. You could use them as shelter from the rain. And you could use them in tandem with blankets for warmth.

Mechanics Gloves

Having heavy duty gloves that are resilient and fireproof are great to have in your roadside survival kit. This way you can make minor repairs to hot engines, or change a tire in cold weather. Just having warm fingers for anything that needs to be done will ensure safety and efficiency.

Road Flares

Perfect for emergencies, road flares make you easy to spot for emergency response teams. You may not always be easy to see if the weather isn’t prevailing or you wrecked somewhere offroad. Make sure you have a few flares just in case this is the case.


Candles are also a great thing to have inside your survival kit. While flares can produce a fair amount of light, they can’t be used inside your vehicle. Having some candles on hand can provide light to the interior of your vehicle and a little bit of heat while you wait for help to arrive.

That About Covers the Basics

In most cases, this will be all you need. But consider what else may be valuable for yourself. Depending on where you live, you may need other items as well. Let us know what you think, is there anything that we should add to our list?